See how our patented microbial solution prevents the spread of covid-19(corona virus), mrsa, sars, H1N1 and many other viruses and bacteria.

Microbes are found everywhere there is organic material and moisture. These microorganisms create a hazardous environment and waste money by:

  • Spreading disease
  • Creating unpleasant odors
  • Discoloring and deteriorating surfaces
  • Devaluing property
  • Increasing man hours, supplies and other costs associated with cleaning and mitigation
  • Creating liability issues for building owners
  • Increasing absenteeism
  • In extreme cases causing permanent disability or death

Microbe Free Living has partnered with the world’s leading microbial prevention companies to provide its clients the best available technology to reduce the risk of VIRUSES, BACTERIA, MOLD, FUNGUS, to the lowest reasonably attainable level, in any building. Available for a variety of markets, including:


Microbe Free Living offers a coordinated line of antimicrobial products which work together to control biological dangers more effectively—-and more economically—with green technology–than any other system ever devised – that becomes a permanent shield on any surface

We at Microbe Free Living have placed ourselves on the cutting edge of the industry. We focus on providing you the best products- service, whether it is a simple plan or a major project. We keep up-to-date with the latest equipment and work with our certified installers always striving to produce the best possible ways to meet you various needs. Our mission is to have a positive impact on people’s lives with our products and services.

At Microbe Free Living we are trained to identify a property’s problems at the source and to create a customized plan of action to address them in the most cost effective way. Preparation and flexibility keeps us responsive to your needs.