By definition, antimicrobials control, destroy or suppress the growth of microorganisms.

There are three common methods of surface treatment available to accomplish these goals:

LEACHING: Uses a heavy metal or other poisonous chemistry that must be absorbed by microorganisms to kill them. Must migrate from the treated surface to be effective. These chemicals wear out over time and cause adaptive strains.

DESTRUCTIVE: Disinfects by use of heat, steam, UV light, high or low pH or organic acids. Effective but very temporary unless continually applied.
BONDING: Bonds itself to the treated surface; kills by a mechanical process; is not a poison; does not leach, migrate or off-gas; is extremely long lasting; does not deteriorate the surface.

At Microbe Free Living we use next generation technology to bond to to the treated surface allowing physical control of microbes on contact and reduce microbial cross-contamination. This permanent nanoscopic shield will prevent the growth of germs by rupturing harmful microbes on contact and remain full strength 24/7. The bonding process does not off gas, leech or bleed into the environment which allows for a very green product as well as prevent any adaptive strains to grow in the process.